Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In the news

Some White Stripes news as of late. After being released from V2 records earlier in the year, Jack and Meg signed a one album deal with Warner Bros. They will still be represented by XL in the UK, while Warner will take care of things here in North America. This news is seen by most as a good indication that a new Stripes record is either in the can or in the works.

This last bit is augmented by the announcement that the White Stripes will play at this year's Bonnaroo Festival. Taking place June 14-17 in Tennessee, the initial roster of artists was announce today. Since I wrote this last night, I only know the names leaked earlier Tuesday. By the time you read this, the official listings should be up over at the website. Head on over there to get your fix.

White Stripes - I Can't Wait
White Stripes - Walking With A Ghost

Acknowledging Valentines Day; You're either in the camp that celebrates (ie. in a happy relationship) or doesn't, and bitterly so (ie. alone. Utterly and painfully alone). I can't remember the last time I was in a relationship on Valentines Day. Regardless, It's a great day to call up your friend and tell them you love them.

I love Linda Ronstadt's take on the Everly Brothers song When Will I Be Loved. Lyrically, it's a lonely, bitter tune. The girl can't find a man to treat her right. Sonically, this baby is all hope and joy. Just a hard hitting popper if there ever was. It seems to marry our opposing Valentines Day camps. A little common ground sounds good.

Linda Ronstadt - When Will I Be Loved


Justin said...

Thanks for the Ronstadt. That brings me back!

Bobbi said...

Road trip to Tennessee?