Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Got Them Higher Calling Blues

As the Louvin Brothers, Charles and Ira Louvin left an unmistakable mark on country music. While Ira died in 1965, Charles is still kicking around today. Nearing his 80th birthday, he decided to get together with some friends and record some songs, new and old, for his self-titled album out February 20th. George Jones, Jeff Tweedy, Will Oldham, among others, all lend a hand to Charlie.

In this same spot a few weeks back I chatted about The Louvin's Christian Life. Atomic Power is equally straightforward. While it was probably more resonant 40 years ago, the fear of nuclear fallout is still real enough to find an audience. You may not have ran to your fallout shelter when Iran conducted underground Nuke tests last year, still, visions of apocalyptic dystopia's may have danced in your head, if even for a split second. Are you ready for the great atomic power? sings Charlie. Well Charlie I'm not entirely sure, is there something I can do to get ready? There is one way to escape/And be prepared to meet the Lord/When the mushroom of destruction falls/There is a shielding sword.

Tweedy provides backing vocals (as he did to Jay Farrar when Uncle Tupelo use to do this song) The song's matter of fact, fire and brimstone mentality is sure to get under the skin of anyone who wouldn't be caught dead in a red state. But if you can't use the overhanging fear of world war 3 to convince a few folks into accepting Jesus Christ as their personal saviour, then really, whats the point in living at all.

Website for Charlie Louvin

Charlie Louvin featuring Jeff Tweedy - Atomic Power
Uncle Tupelo - Atomic Power (mp3)

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