Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Working Full-Time
If you've ever had a conversation with me and it even touched upon music then you've heard my praising of the Rock n Roll force known as The Constantines. Approaching national treasure status faster than you can say 'Gordon Lightfoot's Baby Mama.'
It's been about 8 or 9 months since their third full length Tournament of Hearts came out on Three-Gut Records and Sub-Pop, yet it rarely leaves a music player in my vicinity. Out of the Constantines camp today comes a video for Working Full-Time. Available on the Sub-Pop website, as well as YouTube. I'm assuming that soon you'll be able to catch this on your favourite music video playing television channel. I'm not sure if Muchmusic is big enough for both Leah Miller and The Cons. My guess is that the sheer volume of "the rock" brought forth by the video will shake Ms. Miller's confidence to the core. No longer able to provide viewers with the one-two punch of Matte Babel's street cred and her banal wit, Ms. Miller will soon find herself jobless. Then destitute. Forced to live on the streets Leah Miller will perform her sarcastic insights to tourists and passerby. Her ability to get a hot meal and bed for the evening will depend on your charity folks. So be nice Eh!
The band doesn't have too many shows left this summer. You can catch them:
August 11 @ Wakestock, Toronto Island
August12 @ Wolfe Island Music Festival
I plan at being at Wolfe Island, as should you.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Welcome to Country Pinball Machine and our inaugural post. In lieu of having a definitve mission statement be patient in the coming weeks as I ramble out something resembling one.

God knows the world doesn't need another blog . I live in a world where I can be oblivious to this fact. This is me throwing myself in the mix.

CPM will primarily be a music blog. I don't wish to attach any restrictions as of yet. New music and artists will be featured, but not exclusively. I will champion bands I believe in and attempt to bring attention to those I believe neglected. We may be on the cutting edge or woefully behind the times.

As I currently reside in London, Ontario expect the music going ons of the city to be featured. Also expect various adventures of the rock and roll variety, London and abroad, to find a home here.

Have patience in the coming weeks as we try on hats and find our voice.