Monday, November 19, 2007

Vampire Weekend

What is with the overwhelmingly humble way we rep bands to our friends and lovers. Shyly, almost apologetic, "You know they're alright. Nothing mind blowing, but they'll put you in a good mood." So afraid of throwing a referral on the line, afraid to be thought a fool, if the recepient comes back at us with a "thanks, but no thanks." Your cred is hurt, man. Just think , anytime from here on out, every recommendation will be viewed with a grain of salt.

Well who the fuck are you and who the fuck am I?

Why the need to quantify such a simple endeavour. Here you are dear friend, I thought you might like these guys. Simple right? Lets not make it rocket science. Love the one you're with. Embrace that motherfucker and tell the world.

I was leafing through Spin the other week and they had one of those Band to Watch profiles with Vampire Weekend. The skinny on VW is that they are a bunch of preps who met while attending Columbia University. The article is apologizing right from word one. They look like the guys you were supposed to want to beat up in high school. Essentially, they don't fit the mold of the indie rock and roll world(which is shitfuls of stupid anyways). Heaven forbid. But wait, dear reader, they write music (shock), and it's good (double shock). But how do I reconcile their image with the affinity I have for their songs? I mean, I like them, but I feel so guilty.

Luckily, I have long ago unsaddled my soul from such a dilemna. I'm telling you all that I got my hands on the first Vampire Weekend EP and I like it. It probably came at the right time. I'm just coming off an intense relationship with my first exposure to Paul Simon's Graceland. That album probably has to have the greatest influence on bringing in African music to America. Aside from Africans that is. But just in the popular realm, that album is the impetus, right?
Vampire weekend have that element. They claim to be specialists in Upper West Side Soweto, which serves to confirm. I am intensely enjoying the EP. Their full length comes out late January in the new year. I am anxious to hear it.

They'll be at the El Mocambo on December 13th for those near Toronto. Guess what? I'm excited to be there too.

I'll leave you with my favourite track, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa. Their feature full length comes out in late January.

Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (sendspace file. Click link)