Friday, February 09, 2007

Concert Listings

Here's so local concert listings I though I'd put up. Not a bad month stretch considering size and locale of our fine little city. Super excited for the Julie/Baby double bill, by the by.

Julie Doiron and Baby Eagle (Steve Lambke of the Constantines) play Alex P. Keaton's Feb 21

Do Make Say Think at Call The Office Feb. 22, tix $10

White Cowbell Oklahoma
at the Salt Lounge Feb. 25. Support// Johnny North

Apostle of Hustle at Call The Office March 1, tix $7 advance Support//Young Galaxy

The Weather Underground at the Salt Lounge March 5 Support//TBD

Shout Out Out Out
at Call The Office March 6, tix $6. Support//120 Days

Born Ruffians
at Call The Office March 29, tix $6. Support// We Are Marching On

And for those patient enough to scroll down I've left some mp3's of the above bands. I'm not deluded enough to think that alot of you folks stop by for my awkward sentences and attempts at wit. Enjoy the weekend.

Julie Doiron - Don't wanna be liked by you
(off just released Woke Myself Up)
Baby Eagle - Redpath Sugar Factory (off 2006's self-titled dull-length debut)
Do Make Say Think - The Universe (off You, You're A History in Rust, out next week)
Apostle of Hustle - My Swordhand's Anger (off National Anthem Of Nowhere, just released and super good)
Young Galaxy - Swing Your Heartache
Shout Out Out Out - Chicken Soup for the Fuck You (of 2006's Not Saying/Just Saying)
Born Ruffians - This sentence will ruin/save your life

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MrGS said...

Thanks for the list of concert listings. I find this pretty helpful.