Thursday, February 08, 2007

Avril Lavigne drops Girlfriend

Though the title and picture may be misleading, CPM hasn't turned into a gossip blog. Though I could if I wasn't so afraid of Perez Hilton. Instead, we heard the new Avril Lavigne single, Girlfriend, and wanted to share.

I suppose i should have cooler tastes. Some of you faithful readers might become unfaithful now that I've so erroneously veered into the pop mainstream. But take note, here comes the crossover single of the season. The indie kids are gonna be embracing this one at the same time as this becomes the anthem for every girl aged 10-30. And why? Because it's really fucking good. This here is girl power on Redbull. It is also irresistible, even if you can't relate to girl power, or wanting to be someone's girlfriend, which I can't. But I try.

Knock it if you want. Soon enough you'll be singing it. Ignore the contradictions inherent. Why is a freshly married twenty something singing a song with the emotional maturity of a fifteen year old? Who cares.

Hey Hey You You
I don't like your girlfriend
Hey Hey You You
I think you need a new one
Hey Hey You You
I could be your Girlfriend

Avril's new album The Best Damn Thing comes out April 17th. Preach it sister.

Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend


dj hawk said...

whats next....50 cent's new single...haha, the song is actually pretty catchy.

Blogger Girl said...

Cool! I love the new Avril song too and have an Avril blog and live in the Napanee area where Avril grew up...

Have you seen the videos on Youtube with this Avril song? Some aren't so good but I saw one where a fan mixed up some old Avril videos with the 'Girlfriend' song and another where two brothers do an acoustic version of the song together!

If you or your readers want to see them, I added them to my Avril blog today:

I can't wait until the official video for the song comes out! :)

~~ Courtney Hart

Dewich Hopper said...

I like how she echoes.


Reminds me of certain Legend of Zelda game.