Monday, January 29, 2007

A Monday roundup of songs that have been prominent in my life as of late. I'm coming down with a cold/flu I believe which is something like the third one in less than six months. Apparently my immune system is crashing. maybe i should have got a flu shot.

Roommate Luke recently came home with the complete first season of Saturday Night Live. I watched a little bit of the first episode this weekend, featuring Paul Simon. A few remarks: The episode is 80% Paul Simon performances, 20% comedy skits. How great is that. That could never happen on television these days. Some great performances. His performance of American Tune really caught my ears. Go here to see a live performance from around the same time, though not from SNL.

Paul Simon - American Tune from There Goes Rhymin' Simon (1973)

On Thursday I took a trip over to Guelph for the night to visit some new friends. We went out that night and I heard this instantly danceable Cure song that broke my heart. Never really listened to the Cure (I know, I know) but I went out Saturday and picked up The Head on the Door , from where you can find the aforementioned song.

The Cure - Close to Me

Lucinda Williams finally hit her stride on 1996's Car wheels on a Gravel Road. Drunken Angel really sits well with me lately. I feel like I should pontificate more elaborately but my energy level is nil right now. Accept my apologies and love it for your own reasons.

Lucinda Williams - Drunken Angel