Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today's offering comes courtesy of David Vandervelde. DV is Chicago based rocker, aged 22, who just released his debut offering, The Moonstation House Band, yesterday. Recorded under the mentor ship of Jay Bennett of ex-Wilco fame, Vandervelde is drawing a lot of comparisons to 70's glam heroes such as Marc Bolan , Eno, Bowie, etc., etc. Channelling his heroes, Vandervelde crafts a compelling album that is engaging enough to pique your interest and give you something to have faith in regarding the future of that little shuffle they call rock and roll.

What initially piqued my ears to David was the great cover he did of the Stones' Cocksucker Blues for a session over on Daytrotter. I dig the story behind Cocksucker Blues. The Stones offered it to Decca Records in 1970 as the the last single to complete their contract. Decca didn't release it, due possibly to the foul language contained within, or possibly because, oh I don't know, a slow blues about a schoolboy in the big city fucking and sucking for survival (or worse, for desire) ain't exactly the most commercial stuff. The chorus of "Where can I get my dick sucked/Where can I get my ass fucked" is either gleefully hilarious or eerily sums up late night lust.

If I dare say, David gives a performance on the song that either equals or surpasses Mick & Co.
You can go on over and stream the new album in its entirety if dipping your big toe in the big 'ol swimming pool before you take a dive is your thing. Should be able to to find him in your local record store unless your clerk was too excited about that Shins album to remember to do his job.

Curl up to your record player with that groovy chick of yours and in-between the rockers, get all intense about "that bastard Nixon and the damn war in Vietnam." You can also get the album straight from his label, Secretly Canadian. Unlike them folks, I'm actually Canadian, so I got no secrets to conceal. David's doing a few shows in the Chicago and NYC areas in the coming weeks before heading over to the UK before coming back mid-March for SXSW. if that's where you reside, wouldn't be a bad idea to go say hello. All the pertinent info is available via his website or myspace.

David Vandervelde - Nothin' No
David Vandervelde - Cocksucker Blues
Rolling Stones - Cocksucker Blues

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