Monday, January 22, 2007

Fox Jaws (formerly Doris Day) hail from Barrie, Ontario, which also happens to be my hometown. Barrie may not exactly be known as a thriving bastion of rock and roll, yet there i was a few years back standing in an upscale dinner joint turned rock and roll heavy getting my heart handed to me by this sextet. The deal was sealed a few hours later when they proceeded to invite the whole bar back to their digs for a dance party that worked its way into the wee hours as these things tend to do.

So this is the part where you ask why you should be listening to Fox Jaws instead of whatever "X" indie rock and roll band. Which is followed by us saying "The music speaks for itself, maaaan." (Snarl sold separately). 'Course, if you're already here, let us indulge you.

We could call it anthemic indie-pop. We could talk about their knockout live performances (complete with the most spell-binding cover of Under Pressure you'll ever hear aside from the Thin White Duke himself). We could talk about how we haven't heard sexier female vox since Alannah Myles soundtracked our childhood road trips with Black Velvet. We could talk about how, in the tradition of small town bands before them, they stumble upon truth in only the way big-hearted kids with visions of that big city glow can. There's a warmth in their music that finds you in the blizzard and kills the chill, stops the chatter. Of course, we could also just say, the music speaks for itself.

In those ensuing years, the Fox Jaws gang have been building up a steady reputation for this and so much more. They are currently readying their full-length debut. Time and date to be announced, so I'll keep you folks updated. They've got a couple dates starting in mid-March. It looks their website is currently undergoing some revamping, so instead head on over to myspace to learn more and hear some tracks.

We included their composition Karmonica in our year end reviews. I'll re-post it for you kids too lazy to track back. Also included is Warm Winter Coats. Both tracks are highly recommended. Head on over to that myspace to hear a couple more tracks.

Fox Jaws - Karmonica
Fox Jaws - Warm Winter Coats

On a personal note I wanted to say congrats to my sister Lesley who finished with a bronze at the Canadian figure skating championships in Halifax over the weekend. Not being an athlete myself, I have but a small understanding of the dedication and training it takes to compete at the highest level of her sport. The small amount I do know leads me to believe that my sister is in better shape and kick the ass of anyone who ignorantly doesn't know the difference between a triple loop and a triple axle. She finished third last year and narrowly missed an Olympic berth, which was pretty hard for her as anyone who has ever been that close to their dream can imagine. Nonetheless, she bounced back, and had two great performances this week. There's a great article in the Toronto Star you can read here if you like. They call her a "scrapper in sequins," which we really like. And that's all for this extremely doting brother. But hey, she's a pretty big deal.

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