Friday, December 08, 2006

Welcome to the Constantines Broadcasting Corporation.

I intended to post some Constantines b-sides/covers, etc. on Monday, however, I went home to visit my folks sans computer. I'm hoping to make this a quick one as I managed to pick up the flu while away.

First things first, the Cons show was great as usual. They previewed a few new tracks and if anything is to be gleamed from them expect the new record to be a return to their hardcore vibe while maintaining the poppier side that their last album contained. It sounds hard and it sounds good. Neile's life was there too and has a few photo's for you if that is your thing (scroll down just a little bit to see them).

Everyone loves a good cover. The Constantines are no exception. The covers they've tackled on record and live tend to stay pretty true to the original. Definitely not as adventurous as other bands who try to re-imagine the original, but then you won't find yourself thinking "what a fucking shitty cover" either.

The first song finds the Cons covering Elevator To Hell's (Elevator, Elevator Through) Why I Didn't Like August '93. Elevator to Hell was the solo project of Eric's Trip 's Rick White, post Eric breakup. Julie Doiron was in Eric's Trip with Rick. Now Julie plays in Shotgun & Jaybird. Shotgun & Jaybird opened for the Constantines last week. When The Cons encored with this song Julie joined them onstage. I though that was a nice touchl. Go here for a short little bio on Elevator to Hell (and in comic form no less).

Elevator to Hell - Why I Didn't Like August '93 (original)

The next is Raw Youth by Royal City. Royal City were on Three Gut Records, as were The Constantines. Although Royal City are no longer, RC's Jim Guthrie still does shows with the Cons every now and again. Jim contributed his own version of The Constantines' Nighttime/Anytime (it's alright) to Believer Magazine's covers record in their summer 2005 issue. This is also where the Cons Elevator to Hell cover was featured. Jim really takes the song to a new place.


One of my favourite songs in general is Thank You For Sending Me An Angel by the Talking Heads. The Cons covered it as the flipside to their Nighttime/Anytime single. Once again they don't stray too far from the original, but damn if it ain't beautiful nonetheless.

As mentioned in the previous post, the band went and did a split with The Unintended where each band covered four songs by their favourite artist. The Cons chose Neil Young. Here's their take on Fuckin' Up off of Neil's excellent Ragged Glory (1990).

The last track is a live cover of The Ramones' Teenage Lobotomy courtesy of "the Ramonestantines." The quality is not the greatest so I apologize ahead of time. Still passable though and worth a listen.

That's it for today. 12 tracks or so; I suppose I over compensated for taking the majority of the week off. It hasn't stopped snowing since yesterday. It is just about up to my hips in some parts. I'm gonna go take a walk in that great big winter wonderland. See you Monday.


Colin said...

i wonder where you got that neil young cover from... haha, oh right. great round up my friend! said...

hey, i was wondering if there is a way i can get those constantines songs from you? i cant seem to find most of them anywhere.