Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I came across the music of Thao Nguyen this summer and as so often happens, fell in love. And as so often happens thereafter, the sheen wore off and our love was relegated to a folder somewhere in the depths of my PC. Lately I've been coming back to say hello often. I apologized for not calling, you know how hard it is to maintain the intensity of the beginning of the relationship. Now she and I enjoy a reasonable co-existence. I don't take her for granted and she fills my ears with cute pop songs, irresitible harmonies, and the feeling i've been taking one of those thinking walks in the park in the fall.

She released the full-length, Like The Linen, earlier this year. 10 songs about fucking up, finding love, and hoping love doesn't fuck you up. Originally from Virginia, Thao's been spending some time in Seattle with her backing band, The Get Down Stay Down. Hanging out, taking in WNBA games, and recording her followup for the kill rock stars label. She contributed the song "Feet Asleep" to the KRS compilation disc The Sound the Hare Heard which you can purchase here.

Fingers crossed, 2007, will bring us some more Thao. In the meantime, check out her myspace for some new(ish) tracks. She also did a session with Daytrotter which is worth stopping by to hear. As always, support if you dig. Stop on over to insound or Cd Baby to purchase Like The Linen.

Moped Mp3 from Like The Linen
Feet Asleep Mp3

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