Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jenn Grant

Based on the recommendation of Frank over at chromewaves and looking for something to do I headed down to the Alex P. Keaton on Friday night to check out Jenn Grant. Jenn's been a busy girl, what with wrapping things up at art school and readying her full-length album Orchestra For The Moon for an early '07 release.

The Alex P. can be a hard venue to tackle. If not for the beer selection it would easily pass for a nice quaint cafe. Short on space, the bands are set up right near the main thruway. With the bar in the back corner and the place packed it's not unusual to be playing to a lot of turned backs. More than a few artists have been rattled by this. Thankfully, Ms. Grant perservered and treated a humble but appreciative audience to selections from her upcoming debut.

Bound to garner comparisons to fellow Canadian songwriter's Feist and Sarah Harmer, (probably lazy and more to do with the easy on the eyes appeal shared by all three, although kinda apt) Jenn is just as at home banging out rollicking pop tunes that recall your favourite Beach Boys record as she is letting you into her world with a slice of earnest quiet.

She's wrapped up her dates in Ontario and has headed back east. With the new album slated to come out sometime in the early spring I imagine she might be popping back to the province sooner rather than later. You can keep on top of that over at Endearing Records or at her myspace. She's streaming a couple selections from the upcoming album there so it's worth a visit, or better yet go here and purchase those same songs as a cd single for under three bucks.

If that gets you salivating and the prospect of having to wait till the spring before Jenn can bless those earbuds of yours then why not head over to maple music and pick up her 2005 Ep. You can hear a few cuts from that effort over at radio3 on the CBC. For under $15 you can own the collected commercial output of solo Jenn Grant. Thats much less than you are planning to spend on your irritating step-brother. While nameless step-brother will probably end up hocking your gift to buy drugs and fuel his continuing downward spiral, Jenn will probably use that money to continue making music for your listening pleasure.

I'll leave you with Dreamer. If I'm to be taken as a litmus test you will soon be sing songing this one all day in your head. You may also spontaneously burst into awkward and embarassing flighty dance moves. These are all good things.

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Dewick Hopper said...

You may also spontaneously burst into awkward and embarassing flighty dance moves. These are all good things.

Just like our favourite fairy boy Brandon Flowers?