Friday, October 13, 2006

Welcome back kids. We hope your turkey weekend was delicious. We hope you had things to be thankful for. Around here we've been reading Benjamin Franklin's autobiography. Ben did lots of cool things beyond his little experiment with that kite. Ben was also big on being industrious. Work, Work, Work. That's what he said. It worked for him. What does this have to do with the photo above. Absolutely nothing. We just fancy dear old Ben and thought you should know. If he was still alive we'd ask him to be our friend. Anyone crazy enough to tempt lightning is pretty cool in our books. Another person we'd like to be our friend is The Flints. Earlier this year we asked the band to be our internet friend on Myspace. They accepted. Normally our friends share their cookies with us. The Flints haven't offered yet. We don't mind because they make rock and roll music. Rock and roll music is marginally better than cookies. This Toronto-based band put out an Ep entitled There Used To Be A Time last year. The EP's breezy pop has been melting our hearts since. The band is the brainchild of Stan Flint and Al Huizenga. Rounded out by a few friends, when The Flints are not playing my sister's tea parties they also play real shows. By real we mean in front of an audience at places like The Alex P. Keaton. This Saturday in fact.

The Flints were in town in June and played The Alex P., as well as a fun in-store at Grooves Record store. Not a big turnout so I'm hoping that you folks here in London may make the band's return visit a warmer welcome. Besides being named after our favourite Michael J. Fox character besides Teen Wolf, The Alex P. is a nice small venue. This makes it easier to snuggle up with your pretty girl, or perhaps Stan Flint if you ask politely.

You can go over to CD Baby and buy a copy of There Used To Be A Time. Or come out Saturday and buy one from the band.
I'll leave you faithful reader's with a few tracks from said EP. Don't they make you feel warm and fuzzy. Whats that, you only feel warm? Maybe you're coming down with the flu. Straight to bed you little sickie. Remember, lots of fluids.

The Flints' Myspace
The Flints' website

The Flints - Empire Hotel(mp3)
The Flints - Girl(mp3)

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The Darcys said...

hey, did you make it out to the show on wednesday?
let us know what you thought.