Friday, October 27, 2006

The LOLA Festival takes over downtown London on Saturday. LOLA stands for London Ontario Live Arts. It's completely free, great bands, and I'm assuming some interesting art stuff will also be on display/available for purchase. Check out their myspace for the band schedules and more info. I'm working all day Saturday but hoping I'll make it down there for Elliott Brood.

Has anyone else seen the teaser trailer for the new season of 24. Safe to assume I am entirely excited. Jack bauer is rocking a super sweet political prisoner super beard. Go here to see it. Start salivating for january's premiere.

My favourite band (and yours too right, right, RIGHT!!!!) The glorious Constantines are scheduled to play Call The Office November 30th. Cardiac arrest.

I was gonna post some friday Mp3's for you. Something to fall in love with. My file hosting is upgrading so we're out of luck for now. I'll update it when things are back online.

My hosting service was ezarchive. They are upgrading to a 3.0 version. Sounds swell enough except for the fact that the new service is shit. EZ is/was widely used by bloggers, but many folks are abandoning ship. It may be a few days while I look for a better file service before I can continue serving you fine folks with music. Stay patient and optimistic.


Hugo Chavez said...

2 weeks and no post...I check every mon, wed and fri, and i have now been disapointed 6 times, are you still alive?

dewick hopper said...

Cool, I gotta try and see one of their shows with you sometime.

eda said...