Friday, October 20, 2006

Photo credit: Jacques Woodcock

Viva Voce has been clogging up my headwaves this past week. Comprised of the Portland based husband/wife duo of Kevin and Anita Robinson, Viva Voce just released their 3rd LP, Get Yr Blood Sucked Out. I came across the band less then a week ago. I was playing the 4 or so tracks I had all weekend looking for any flaw I could find. I was grasping at straws basically, anything I could do so I wouldn't have to go out and buy it and thus have to sit down and justify to myself buying another record. I went through an economic rough patch all summer basically and didn't buy an album for about 6 months. To make up for this I've bought atleast 12 in the past month. My way of evening things out I suppose.

Listening to Get Yr Blood.. there are a lot of influences to take in. A lot of motown and pop, definitely a psychedic vibe that comes across also. These kids are at home with quiet and smart, layered pop tunes, that are anything but the ordinary, or laying out fuzzed out spins that threaten to break off but are kept in place by Anita's deft guitar. The record hops from primal to achingly beautiful all within twelve tracks.

The album is out on Barsuk. You can pick it up there. Or amazon. Whatever your fancy be.

The band just passed through Toronto a few days ago. They are on tour with The Silversun Pickups. Currently somewhere around the mid-west and making their way over to Seattle and Portland. Check out the remaining dates over at Viva Voce's website.

Viva Voce - So Many Miles(MP3)
Viva Voce - Special Thing(Mp3)

If you'll go back a few posts I'm pretty sure I posted another track by these folks a few days ago. All tracks are off Get Yr Blood Sucked Out. Seek it out at your earliest convenience.

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