Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So, by now you sgould be aware that Mr. Owen Pallett AKA Final Fantasy went ahead and won that Polaris last night. I was gonna say congratulations to that little cocksucker, however, due to his sexuality, which veers down that road , that might be the least tactful thing I could possibly say tonight. If you read the previous post you should remember I had FF's He Poos Clouds down as my one of the albums i would liked to have seen replaced with another artist. What this proves? You probably shouldn't be taking any tips on horse races from me anytime soon. I do have a good tip on next week's Sooners game though. You may also remember I maligned Broken Social Scene's nomination. Apparently they were the brunt of many jokes at last night's awards ceremony. Clearly the backlash is already in effect. This breaks my heart a little and causes me to feel a need to explain myself. I think there is no possible way that there disc could have lived up to the hype prior to its release. The extended period of time between You Forget It In People and the self-titled disc almost completely ensured that. What YFIIP meant to people and did for Canadian music abroad put it behind the eightball from the get go. We the flippant public could never have possibly been satisfied. That said, it's a good record, possibly even great. This all depends on your subjectivity and personal preferences. Like any good album I continue to find something new in it every time I listen to it. Its an ever-evolving digestion. I hate to see the critics rear their collectively ugly heads especially when a year ago they were chomping at the bit for a listen. Lets acknowledge the incredibly huge role BSS has played in Canadian Indie music's recognition over the past few years. It is unheralded and unprecedented.

Commentary about the win and the going ons at the ceremony courtesy of Said The Gramaphone, Chromewaves, popwherry,Brooklyn Vegan, and Carl Wilson, who was one of the eleven judges, over at Zoilus.

All in all I'm happy with how the first year of Polaris went down. I look forward to it for years to come.

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