Friday, September 29, 2006

I apologize for the lack of posts all this week. I've been sick as a dog and lacking anything resembling energy or a desire to move from my couch/bed. Still I wish to get atleast one post in this week. As you may also see I stole a stock photo off the internet. Alert the authorities.

If you read and check back frequently you'll have noticed up to this point the blog updated inconsistently. Although I'd really like to have this running five days a week, for the most part that is unlikely with school and other committments. Still, I'm thinking that 3 times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is certainly do-able. We'll start with these self-imposed deadlines and if we're able to contribute more we shall.

As for today, I'm just going to leave some songs that have been floating around my head these days.

The first is a Bob Dylan song called Pressing On. Off the 1980 album, Saved, the song finds Dylan defending his faith to his detractors. Aside from 1979's Grammy-winning Slow Train Coming, Dylan's so-called Christian era is often unfairly maligned. These days its hard to find a bad word volleyed in the old bard's direction. I'm still digesting his most recent release, Modern Times. Any new Dylan release fills me with a bit of trepidation and sadness. In the future I might share my thoughts. For now just grab this track and revel in its glory.
Bob Dylan-Pressing On
Bob Dylan on the web

M. Ward's latest album, Post War, has been tearing up a place in my heart for a few weeks now. Its a constant companion wherever i go. Magic trick is a sly and beautiful track. Also happens to be one of my favourites. My interest in M. Ward was almost non-existent prior to this release. I've seen and heard of him often, although I could never really get into him. I bought the album on a whim and have yet to be disappointed. Give it a shot.
M. Ward - Magic Trick
Visit M. Ward

The next track is a new one from Swan Lake. A supposed "supergroup" with all the flashing warning signs that conjures up , it is comprised of Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes, Sunset Rubdown), Dan Bejar (Destroyer, New Pornographers), and Carey Mercer (Frog Eyes). All Fires made its way around the web and blogs this summer. The song never really took hold of me. It seemed to be more of a Spencer song, not necessarily the sum of all parts. Most recently, City Calls became available. This song seems like more of a team effort and is peaking my interest for when the band releases their full length debut November 21. Called Beast Moans, it is being released by Jagjaguwar records. I've included both tracks for your listening pleasures. You can check up on the band on their myspace.
Swan Lake - All Fires
Swan Lake - City Calls

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