Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lions In The Street

Getting some play around here is Lions In The Street. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, the band has been hailed by Magnet magazine as "what the Stones were, what the Dandy Warhols should have been." I get the Stones reference. Listening to the five song Ep they are offering for free on their website it is all to easy to slip back into that heroin daze and mistake what you're hearing as some Exile-era Rolling Stones you just never got around to hearing. The Dandy Warhols reference is a bit confusing. It's no mystery that the Dandies wear their multiple influences on their sleeves, however, I think Courtney Talor and Co. always wished they could physically be the Stones, not actually sound like them. If you've watched Dig then you know Courtney was the Mick to Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Keith.

L.I.T.S. sound like pure rock and roll. Straight ahead and inspired by the blues. Often when a band can be summed up in this or some similar way, it implies a simplicity that usually finds the band's tunes to be quite disposable after a few lessons (think Jet or Wolfmother). That said it feels like the Lions have the ability to stick around. They've been on constant rotation on our speakers since the summer. Course we're just a kid on a computer so what the fuck do we know. Sexy and swaggering. Check 'em out.

L.I.T.S just finished up some west coast dates and don't appear to have any shows booked for the next while. I've heard a more expansive tour could be in the works so check their site or myspace for updates. I'll leave you with two of my favourite tracks off that afore-mentioned Ep. Head on over to their site to get yourself the rest.

Lady Blue
Feels Like A Long Time

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