Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A reader asked that I re-up the Robert Sean Leonard version of Softly and Tenderly (Jesus is calling). The track comes from the Chelsea Walls soundtrack, scored by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy.

It started out a play and was later adapted for the screen by Nicole Burdette. As the title may suggest, the film surrounds around new York's famed Chelsea Hotel. Directed by Ethan Hawke and starring among others Uma Thurman, Kris Kristofferson, as well as the afore-mentiond RSL, his old chum going back to those "Oh Captain, My Captain" days.

Leonard, currently available on primetime every week playing foil to Hugh Laurie on tv's House, contributes two tracks to the soundtrack. Softly and Tenderly and a cover of Wilco's The Lonely 1 (from Being There).

I'm going to include both here today. There are some cool touches on The Lonely 1, which otherwise is a pretty non-descript and faithful, if not stripped down, cover. Note the fat water drops in the background as if played under the cover of a leaky roof and . Softly and Tenderly is a beautiful take on a spiritual standard. Rather stunning actually.

Robert Sean Leonard - Softly and Tenderly
(Jesus Is Calling) mp3 (sendspace link)
Robert Sean Leonard - The Lonely 1 mp3 (sendspace link)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for responding to my request re. the Leonard cover of 'Softly and Tenderly'. Much appreciated.

I agree with you that the version is stunning - certainly the best I've heard. I had no idea Leonard has such a great voice.

I wish he would do a cover album. 'The Lonely 1' demonstrates his ability to strip down a song to its essentials while yet revealing something new about it.

Incidentally, I tried to rent 'Chelsea Walls' here in Australia with no luck. Maybe it wasn't released here.

Jack (Melbourne)

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry, i hope this doesn't sound awful, but i JUST found your music blog and it's AWESOME-- but could you possibly upload the robert sean leanard songs again? i only recently discovered that he had musically ability, and i love him, sooo.... please? thanks!

Molly said...

Please, would you reup these RSL songs? I've misplaced my Chelsea Walls soundtrack and have been craving Softly &Tenderly of recent days...

Anonymous said...

Hello I just found your blog and where you had uploaded Softley and Tenderley by Robbert Shawn Lennerd to sendspace. I whent to the link and found the file was not there. Could you please re upload the file and then please send me the link? my E Mail is mich@ntl.sympatico.ca many thanks. from Mich Verrier from New Liskeard Ontario Canada. I ook forwerd to hearing the song.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and... I LOVE IT (: Thank you for sharing not only music, but your thoughts, and information about the musicians as well. Some I've heard of, some I'm a fan of, and some I now intend to check out!

I have a teeny, tiny favour to ask, though... could you -please- re-upload the Robert Sean Leonard songs? :)


Anonymous said...

anyway to get the whole soundtrack uploaded? that would be much appreciated!!!

Marion_Chicken said...

Hey!! just felt on your page and saw the two RSL links!!! sounds good! the link are dead now do you think it's possible you to send it to me or post it again?
my mail is shanks_bc@hotmail.fr

thanks a lot if you can!!!!


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