Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New signings to Arts & Crafts

Hey kids, back in black.

Toronto-based label. etc. Arts & Crafts announced yesterday that they have added Montreal band The Stills to their roster. The band is about to head into the studio to begin work on their third album.

Once upon a time I was a fan of The Stills. Not so much anymore. To celebrate the signing the band will be playing a two night stint at Lee's palace November 23rd and 24th.

But the bigger news (though still no official word) is that The Constantines will also be putting out their new album on A+C. Bry Webb announce the news during their set Sunday at The Virgin Festival on Toronto Island. Even though I missed their set due to my personal refusal to ever be on time (also KC's undying quest to spend 2/3's of her life getting pretty in the powder room) I can't tell you how excited I am about this news.

A+C is having a great year behind Feist, the new Kevin Drew, and Stars. I am very excited about the push the label could give the band. A lot of questions should be answered in the (near?) future. Most importantly, When is this album coming out? And will the Cons still remain with Sub Pop in the States?

Details forthcoming as they break. I'm very tingly with anticipation.

So in celebration of this here is a cover the Constantines did back in '04 of Nina Simone's Sea Line Woman. It acted as a b-side to the Young Lions Ep, put out by Sub Pop soon after they signed.

The Constantines - Sea Line Woman mp3 (Sendspace file)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

I'm writing to ask a favour...

Could you please repost Robert Sean Leonard's version of 'Softly and Tenderly' from the movie 'Chelsea Walks?'

You posted it, along with some other versions, on Dec 21, 2006.

If you care to repost it, I'd really appreciate it.

Regards from Oz,