Friday, March 02, 2007

Birthday post

Hey Everybody. just a short post for y'all today. As indicated above, today is very much my birthday. As I write this I am wearing a party hat. Rung in the opening hours of the birthday in the presence of Apostle of Hustle. Chris from Neile's Life was there too and has a full report and mp3's. I was quite impressed by the show, which saw a good turnout beside the shitty weather (which is continuing as we speak).

Merge gave me a birthday present when my copy of Arcade Fire's Neon Bible arrived a few days earlier (it is out Wednesday). I'm about to head out to work so it will have to wait. Quite excited about the disc and songs as I've resisted every urge to listen to all the tracks and live versions already out there.

Enjoy your Friday, birthday or not. A few tracks...

The Beatles - Birthday (obvious choice, but how many birthday songs are there that rock like this)

Steve Earle - Feel Alright
From Steve's album I Feel Alright (1996). I'm pretty sure the song is about his triumph over addiction(getting clean, new dawn, etc, etc,) but the sentiment remains.


Alice-Rose said...

Happy birthday!!!

Doctor Mooney said...

A blower and champagne flute in hand, Happy Birthday!!