Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sometimes you hear a song so good it makes you wet your pants. music is built on moments like that. One day down the road, a week later, two hours, 14 years, etc. the song may very well suck. But right then and there, in that moment, that song is making you wet your pants.

I probably didn't wet my pants today. But my mind likes to blow its top sometimes. Especially over perfect little rock and roll songs.

White Denim - shakeshakeshake

Everything else about white denim sucks. You can't wear it without some asshole asking you if you used to be in Whitesnake.
Roommate Luke brought home last year's Daniel Johnston documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston the other day. Prior to this, my knowledge of Daniel didn't venture further than his peripheral knowledge of his cult status. For those reading who have never heard the name, let me bore you with a short biography.

Daniel Johnston is a singer/songwriter type, born 1961, who grew to fame during the mid-80's in Austin Texas. Counting The Beatles as his most important influence, Daniel crafted low-fi pop tunes revered for there clever wordplay and childish imagery. Daniel was kind of an odd duck who suffered from a variety of psychological disorders. Often when he is on the verge of success he has suffered an episode that has usually required hospitalization. The mental episodes allowed Daniel's significant legend to grow. Today he continues to live in Texas. Under the care of hs parents Daniel continues to make music. His cartoon style artwork has also spawned its own successful career.

Although I was familiar with the name for a while, I only came across Daniel's music a year ago. This came in the form of Beck's cover of Daniel's True Love Will Find You In The End, which appeared on 2004's Discovered Covered. When I tracked down the original I wasn't entirely hooked and thus ventured off. Daniel's been in my mind lately though. It started a month or two back when I picked up M. Ward's latest, Post War. I fell in love with the track, To Go Home, which I quickly learned was a cover of a Daniel song. Jumping off from that Daniel Johnston and his music have been jumping into my life at random moments the past months. It seems that fate is guiding me to give it another chance. Without boring you with the weird coincidences and instances, it culminated in Roommate Luke randomly walking into the living room and mentioning he'd picked up The Devil and Daniel Johnston.

Getting past the more trying material can be difficult, however once you do you are instantly rewarded. If you're looking to find out more about Daniel his wikipedia entry is a good start. Hi, How are you? is the official site for all things Daniel, while fan site Rejected Unknown maintains a great discography among other things.

M. Ward - To Go Home
Daniel Johnston - To Go Home

Daniel Johnston - Never Before/Never Again
Daniel Johnston - Ain't No Woman Gonna Make A George Jones Outta Me
Daniel Johnston - I Killed the Monster

Daniel Johnston - I Saw Her Standing There
The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There


memo57 said...

Daniel also worked on a collaboration with Houston's Infernal Bridegoom Productions avent-gard theatre company to make a musical from his songs and added one new song. The show got a lot of attention and had an expanded run.

Wayne said...

to go home is a really special track