Monday, November 27, 2006

Following up Friday's post, I went down and saw Joel Plaskett Friday. Not without a little trouble however. When I arrived at the venue the show was unfortunately soldout. Having my heart on seeing Joel that night, I stuck around outside the venue with the hopes that someone would have an extra ticket to get rid of. Their were a few others in the same boat with me and we all kept our fingers crossed as we slightly shivered in the November chill. I graciously allowed a chatty girl (also known as super chatty drunk girl with self-esteem issues and feeling lonely due to her embellished weight problem) to grab the first ticket chance that arrived confident that there would be others shortly. This proved to be false. As other would-be concert goers straggled off I waited patiently. Finally, about two songs after Mr. Plaskett had taken the stage to muffled (possibly raptourous, possibly polite) applause, the doorman let me in. It was a pretty decent show, with Joel splitting hs 90 minute set equally between older Thrush Hermit material, Down at the Khyber, La De Da, and Truthfully, Truthfully.

While I was waiting to get in I struck up a conversation with Chris from Neiles Life, who I recognized from his blog. Neiles Life is another London blog. We had a good little chat about blogging in general and Chris gave me some shit for my low scoring on the Hold Steady album I reviewed in the university paper. Chris just finished posting his top 50 albums of the year so you should head on over there to check out things. He runs a good site that always has some decent tracks worth stopping by for. He also has a big love for the rich history of the east coast independent scene. Anyone who talks about the Local Rabbits is alright in my books.

Aside from that I'm tapped out and exhausted. Monday's are for breezing through. I'll leave you with a few tracks that have been taking up my ears this weekend.

This a cover of the Warren Zevon original by Magnolia Electric Co. This version stays pretty true to the original, albeit with a few small stamps. I can't seem to stop listening to the track. Perhaps, it is the earnestness of Jason Molina's delivery. Either way, download the track, courtesy of You Ain't No Picasso.

If comparing and contrasting is your thing....

Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

I was catching up with my new favourite television show, Heroes, the other night and realized i had never seen the first ep. I got around to watching it and fell in love with a song playing in the background during a scene. The song? "Eyes" by Rogue Wave. It was released as a b-side to the "Publish My Love" single off their latest, the 2005 release Descended Like Vultures. It's a beautiful love song that aches in your ears for a long while.

Rogue Wave - Eyes

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Styeiles said...

So do you make it in after all??...and thanks for the shout out...Let me know if your going to the Constantines this thurs?