Monday, August 14, 2006

This weekend was supposed to entail an excursion to Kingston/Wolfe Island to see The Constantines. These plans were dropped in favour of attending the 33rd annual Potato Festival. Pot Fest, as it is affectionately known, is the little town of Alliston, Ontario's yearly celebration. I lived in Alliston until I was 17 making me a local and Pot Fest somewhat of a must on my annual summer travels. I've viewed this annual event somewhat with a heavy heart since my "escape." As these things resemble high school reunions at their most awkward, it is quite easy to understand.

However, my attendance was essential this year. The reason being my good friend Ryan, who is departing on a great, possibly permanent, voyage to the West. I came home Saturday to attend his going away BBQ. It was basically a whirlwind visit. I spent less than 2 hours at my parent's house and didn't even get to see 2/3's of my family. That night I ended up seeing a few people I didn't expect and had two of the best conversations of my life. Polar opposites on the spectrum these conversations were and I'm still reveling in their honesty.

I will forever associate Oasis' What's The Story Morning Glory with this friend. This has something to do with our Grade 7 Lip Sync competition. Ryan's group performed 'Wonderwall'. I remember them trying to re-create the music video in some way or another and someone playing an acoustic guitar as a stand up bass. Since then I am unable to hear that Oasis album without recalling Ryan's impersonation of Noel Gallagher.

Also featured in the competition was my group who not only rocked out to the President of the United States of America's 'Lump,' but did so while also doing the macarena. At the time it felt like a sly jab at the dance craze currently wreaking havoc at our dance parties. It was generally agreed that the Macarena was taking up valuable slow dance time. Slow dance time was key for the obvious reason that it allowed you to gain a proximity to developing bosoms. The choice of P.U.S.A., a band with obvious staying power and representing Truth, contrasted how the Macarena so erroneously embraced materialism, capitalism,and any other ideology we thought we were against. The macarena was also believed to be responsible for the dissapearance of dodgeball from the gym curriculum. While our peers looked on with confusion we performed our social commentary on the decaying of Canadian society via our widespread acceptance of a consumer state.
That said, and with our tongue no longer placed in our cheeks, Bon voyage Cranstoun. Good luck.

For nostalgia's sake take a walk down memory lane. It really wasn't too long ago.
Presidents of the United States of America

Oasis - Wonderwall

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