Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random ramblings if you will.

Went down to Harris park this weekend and caught Sloan and Matt Mays. Saturday and Sunday respectively. I haven't seen Sloan play in years so I wasn't sure what I was in for. They were definitely solid. Enjoyable even from the distance way back in the field. It wasn't that the place was packed but rather that the beer gardens ( which cost you $20 bucks to get into) took up the first 75 hypothetical rows. Too many tents blocked decent views from outside. Nonetheless I chilled out on a hill, closed my eyes, leaned back, and took it all in. I think the last time I saw Sloan was at an Edgefest way, way, way back in the day. That said the vantage point was probably fitting. Only difference between the two events would be that I was no longer a 15 year old kid stoned out of his mind trying to fight off the nausea.
Sunday night brought Matt Mays and El Torpedo. When you go to a Matt Mays concert you are consistently impressed. As often happens after an impressive show you end up playing their records incessantly for a minimum of two days post show. Its hard with Mr. Mays because their records have never been able to capture their live sound. Too polished. The band is very rough around the edges and their recordings have yet to reflect that. For his talent he should have something akin to the first Kings of Leon record. As of yet still waiting. Get the man the right producer.

On Sunday, August 20th, Matt Mays and Sam Roberts will be playing a free show at the Georgian Downs Racetrack. This is about 15 minutes from my homestead in Barrie and also happens to coincide with a long overdue visit home. Looking forward to it.

Muchmusic is reporting that the Strokes have been added to the V Festival taking place on Toronto Island September 9th and 10th. I wasn't really planning on attending even though Jack White's Raconteurs are on the bill. This addition might make me reconsider. I missed Jack the last time he was around with Meg and although initially offset by the Rac's record, I have been warming up to it. This might be enough to cause me to cough up the roughly $60 ticket price to catch day 2. We'll play the waiting game for now.

Porno For Pyros totally popped into my head today. Maybe I secretly wished I had been at Lollapalooza this weekend. For whatever reason I went scurrying for my records. Desperately wanting to hear Good God's Urge i was a bit dismayed to find it was lost. I never lose records (by records I mean compact discs). Never ever. I am incredibly anal about my modest collection. I do not like to see them lying around haphazardly. I never toss another cd in the wrong case. I still do not use cd booklets to cart around multiple cd's because I believe the booklets actually scratch the cd. I use to carry around 10 cd's in their full cases in my backpack. I happen to know that my roomate currently has my Constantines' Shine a Light, even though I wasn't there when he took it. Story being: I do not lose cd's. Upon inspection I discovered not only was my Porno missing but also any Jane's Addiction I own. Is it coincidence that the only cd's I ever "lost" both feature Perry Farrel prominantly? Is there a fan of slightly effeminate lead singers who doesn't like to pay for his records who managed to nick mine? Lets get Veronica Mars on this. The Hardy Boys if the girl wonder is busy.

Pretty long for a filler post. Hope to have some file hosting sometime this week. Might create a bit more traffic around this ghost town.

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