Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Kings of Leon for September

Photo Credit: KOL website

Out of the Kings of Leon camp comes news of an impending album. Titled, Only By The Night, their fourth disc is set to come out September 23rd.

Their last one, Because of the Times, showed a welcome maturity. Written off by many, it's an album that I've only grown fonder of with repeated listens.

Youth and Young Manhood was a gut shot, a cannon off the balcony that tipped our ears to these so-called "Southern Strokes." Aha Shake Heartbreak repeated the format of the first, but with more cynical stories of the touring life. A bit of a dissapointment when all was said and done. But Because Of The Times was fantastic. Flawed enough in those interesting ways that beg you to delve deeper.

After two aborted/misses of amusing details with seeing them live I finally caught them last summer here in Toronto. About time.

They're doing the festival tour through till August, including a headlining slot at Glastonbury this week. I have to say, I'm surprised they nailed the headline gig. I didn't realize they had that big the audience. Either way, Good on 'em.

Kings of Leon - True Love Way mp3 from Because Of The Times

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bigBoi said...

you mean "aborted miss" as in you drinking too much and forgetting how to find the show, right? Right?