Monday, April 28, 2008

The Deadly Snakes provide an aural document of their last show (s)

Photo Credit: Carrie Musgrave

Those familiar with me know I have a special love in my heart for two recent-times Canadian bands. The first, The Constantines just released their newest album a few weeks ago and I'll have some thoughts on that tomorrow on the eve of its U.S. release date. The second, The Deadly Snakes, played their last notes August 26, 2006, nearly two years ago (where has the time gone, etc., etc.).

The Snakes were a deadly rock and roll band. Four albums over their ten year existence. The last two, Ode to Joy and Porcella, are of desert island pick quality. Call 'em what you will. I myself like Garage Soul. There was always a real Jesus on the mainline, pipeline to the heart evident in their music and live shows. Of all the great acts I've been fortunate to see and hear, there are very few that keep punching me in the heartbox like the Snakes do.

Ten years after their inception the band decided to call it quits, never achieving much more than regional adoration. Their demise coincided with the rise in recognition of the indie scene in general and the Canadian indie scene specifically. These were days of Arcade Fires, Wolf Parades, and Broken Social Scenes. Good days all around, never mind you, but days that passed without the Snakes getting the true recognition they deserved. Forgotten in the back alley no doubt.

The last show was tipped to throw down at the Horseshoe Tavern on the 25th of August. Word circulated that the last real throwdown would take place the next night at the Silver Dollar. Indeed it did. That Friday and Saturday were pretty darn close to being the best weekend I've ever had.

Two years later comes news via Myspace that "The Snakes' last show live album should be out sometime in 2008 on In The Red. It's a 37 song monster and it sounds great."

I wasn't even aware that the last shows were being taped. I'm assuming it is only of the Horseshoe gig, where the band played two sets and covered nearly every damn thing they had ever put to tape. Either way, it will serve as a great addendum to the Snakes' ongoing legacy. Keep your ears open for that.

There is a plethora of Snakes related video on Youtube. Both the Horseshoe and Silver Dollar gigs have a presence there. Those with time and interest should head there.

I'll leave you with a great track from Porcella. "If a man can't love when he is young, there'll be no love for him as he grows old."

If this is your first exposure to the Snakes and you wish for more take the yellow tinged road, or better yet get in touch with this kind soul and ask to come over for a rock and roll night. Nothing makes me happier then to share.

The Deadly Snakes - Oh Lord, My Heart
mp3 (sendspace link)


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Tim said...

Hey speaking of the constantines, i came across your site, because you posted a demo a while back of "st. you" one of my favorites, I was wondering if possible could you shoot it my way. Great blog btw.