Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Constantines tracklisting and release date

Official tracklisting, album art, and title for the new Constantines album. As you can see the new album is titled Kensington Heights. It's slated to hit Canada on April 15th, and in the U.S. April 29th.

The tracklisting:

1 - Hard Feelings
2 - Million Star Hotel
3 - Trans Canada
4 - Shower Of Stones
5 - Our Age
6 - Time Can Be Overcome
7 - Brother Run Them Down
8 - Credit River
9 - I Will Not Sing A Hateful Song
10 - New King
11 - Life Or Death
12 - Do What You Can Do

Now Valentines Day is tomorrow. With that in mind I'll leave you one of the best love songs I ever set eyes and ears upon. Give 'em a great big kiss.

The Constantines - Saint You mp3


BooYAh said...

Do What You Can Do

R.F. Fanclub Pres. said...

Man...those Russian Futurists DO suck!