Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wilco loves you baby

A few weeks back Jeff Tweedy appeared on The Colbert Report and sat down with Stephen for a slightly awkward chat. They talked about name changes, the free market, and Obama fever.

After the commercial break the whole band came on to perform a new song they'd been working on. Entitled Wilco the Song, it is immediately more enjoyable than anything off their last full length Sky Blue Sky.

Its lyrics expose a fit of election weariness now thankfully decided in the positive. Great guitar line from Nels Cline and some excellent melodies that stick in your sinuses. I wandered around Toronto Friday night after the Kings of Leon show and found myself wishing they'd played this instead.

Wilco is heading out as support for Neil Young at the end of November. They'll stop in for two dates at the ACC here in Toronto December 4th and 5th. Excited is an understatement for me, who will be attending the second date.

Canadian viewers can view the October 3oth interview and performance here. American readers at Comedy Central's website.

Can Wilco cure those mid-election, post-election, mid-November, post-October, nearly December case of the blues? Yes they can.

Wilco - Wilco the Song

Website: Wilco


Poo-Bear said...

Pissed off is an understatement for I, who will proceed to write a political economy exam at 9 in the morning on the 6th

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