Monday, October 02, 2006

The above picture is of David Thomas Broughton. David Thomas Broughton is a 24 year old singer from Leeds in Britain. David Thomas Broughton has invaded my ears.

His (to my knowledge) debut recording, The Complete Guide To Insufficiency, came out sometime last December. While it may be only five tracks and might, by this fact, technically be called an EP, it spans over 40 minutes. Somehow, somewhere in this crazy ramble I came across the track 'Unmarked Grave' (Which I'll include below for you). Me and the track played around like new lovers, unable to part, until I broke down and orded the full album via some internet type record store. My compatriots in this thing increasingly being referred to as the "blogosphere" have pointed out previously how Mr. DTB can be described as a kin member of the likes of Devandra Banhart and Joanna Newsom. For you math types: David Thomas Broughton = that folky music floating around the sub-sect of the music world (sometimes referred to as "freak-folk" or *gasp* "Weird Beard." DTB might be construed as sounding "folky." Atleast in the same vein of "folky" as the previously mentioned comparable artists. In my own words, DTB sounds like music. The album is a haunting and atmospheric endeavour. Each song on the album bleeds into one other. It is quiet yet permeates your entire reality, taking over your ears. The album works well with long walks you meant to take to clear your head, yet inexplicably took your Walkmen/Discman/Mp3 player along for. It is heavy, not necesarilly in a negative way, but simply heavy, as if DTB conveys the weight of his mind onto the recorded material. Believe it or not this is entirely rare.

I've include two tracks for your perusal. I highly recommend going out and buying the entire album.

David Thomas Broughton - Unmarked Grave
David Thomas Broughton - Walking Over You

David Thomas Broughton on Myspace
Buy The Complete Guide To Insufficiency

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