Thursday, August 17, 2006

A muse has been lighting a fire under me this week and the posts have been especially prolific. May also have something to do with the little "vacation" I took from work. The fall has always been a time I look at as my new years. Things change,we embark on new endeavours, we vow to try new things or change. September gets me excited. I've been lazy with the file hosting so far. Still no mp3's for anyone who reads this. that probably explains the heavy linking and video content. I've been holding off on band profiles and new music mainly for the reason that it seems dull to write some long introduction with no mp3 for you to quickly download and hear for yourself. Sure I can link you in the right direction, and I will, but ideally I'd like to have things available to you at your fingertips. The positive side to that is that it has allowed me to get into the habit of constantly writing without having to worry too much about articulating the essence of X band and why you should listen to them. That particular process is the one I agonize over the most as I want the level of writing on this blog to be exceptionally high. I'm worried less about tastemaking or next big thing hype. In fact I'll probably keep my distance from that kind of fallacy. Those who read here are my guinea pigs in a sense. We're not just exploring music. We're exploring our thoughts, our abilities. We're exploring why one art form is so intricately linked with our sense of existence. Why does one person have a greater connection to Dylan's You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go than, say, Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You. Not entirely sure what I'm trying to say here. Back to September. Stick around. I've got some cool stuff coming up in the next month or so. A couple great ideas, possibly some interviews with artists. You'll see.

September lineup at Call The Office is looking fairly decent. As a September resolution I vow to give other bars a chance, dive more into the local scene, and stop referring to The Salt Lounge as an "Emo Club"

Here's whats cooking London

Frank Black, ex Pixies frontman -August 24-Call The Office
Hidden Cameras
supporting new record Awoo with Spiral Beach and Laura Barrett-Sept. 8-CTO
Metric-Sept 14-Rock The Block
Holy Fuck and Shout Out Out Out-Sept 16-CTO
Controller Controller with You Say Part We Say Die-Sept 23-CTO

That's a few. I'll update as it becomes necessary. I can't find any information on what "Rock The Block" actually is. I simply know Metric will be there. No idea where this takes place, support, etc. Not a big metric fan, but I'm hoping this will turn out to be some decent extravaganza. I also plan to be in attendance at:
the last Deadly Snakes show ever-Horsehoe Tavern, Toronto ON-August 25
Tom Petty-Molson Ampithetre, Toronto ON-September 8
Day 2 Virgin Festival featuring the Raconteurs, the Strokes, Sam Roberts, Massive Attack, etc-Olympic Island, Toronto ON-Sept. 17

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